Why is energy pricing set up to hurt consumers?

Scotland is paying for England’s electricity due to this unfair, rigged system.

Scotland generates up to 106% of its power through wind alone –
and the price of wind has not increased over this past year!
Nevertheless, Scots are paying to subsidise England’s system…

This deeply researched article show how the pricing system is rigged to
protect company profits at the expense of fair prices for users.

Richard Murphy


  • the goal of energy regulation in the UK is to preserve the privatised energy ‘market’
  • the wholesale energy price is set so that the most expensive producer can make a profit
  • wind, hydro etc. are far cheaper to use than gas, but the price is set at the most expensive rate i.e. for gas
  • by breaking up this system electricity prices might go down by as much as 60%
  • political cowardice is all that’s stopping the changes needed – the howls from the energy lobby are just too loud

It’s time for Scots to make their voice heard and howl louder!

With Scottish Independence we can set policy to suit Scots, not the energy companies.