Yes – Scotland’s Future

SCOTLAND’S schemes and housing estates were motivated to vote for overwhelming change in 2014 because they believed.

They believed that the competent Scottish Government which transformed our lives from 2007 -14 would similarly alter beyond recognition our political landscape and our destiny when we regained our Independence.

Free prescriptions, free university education, freezing Council Tax, same sex marriage, a raft of successful measures comprising social justice coupled with transformational infrastructure of restoring railway lines, upgrading roads and bridges, building and renovating schools and hospitals, together with a powerful entertaining presence on the world stage restored Scotland’s confidence.

That confidence raised our hearts, spirits and hopes. No longer to be doomed as traitors, cowards or slaves, but a people determined and equipped to stand as freemen and freewomen.

We were led by one with a vision of the prosperous country Scotland should be; by a dynamic team with courage and determination.

Successful political movements work when electors can visualise radical sweeping change. Independence offers this most especially to those currently suffering the greatest hardships in this cost of living crisis.

That crisis is manmade; poverty in our country arises from the lack of political will to change.

When Scotland is independent, poverty of aspiration and inequality will become history. We will arrange our own priorities which will be wellbeing, health, education, prosperity and fulfilment. Scotland will be a peace loving welcoming country, a friend to all.

Independent Scotland can have a national house building corporation and a national energy company; there can be universal basic income – there will be no nuclear subs on the Clyde, no working poor and no need to choose between eating or heating.

When Scotland is independent you’ll no longer sit on an oil rig or a wind turbine in the North Sea and gaze ashore to food banks, baby banks or school clothing banks.

With independence when we control our own resources, the £80 billion bounty from the North Sea can work to our benefit funding hospitals, rehab facilities, education and health.

Fulfilling those aims requires inspiration, confidence and effort. Not oppression or servility.

The YES! campaign motivated, mobilised and energised in 2014; it took us from 28 to 45% and we learned much that will assist with the businessof regaining Scotland’s Independence.

Most of all we now know that independence will come when the dream courses through, galvanises, energises and activates every home, every street, every corner of each community of Scotland.

Every bookies, paper shop, pub, community hall, nursery, football ground, supermarket, food bank, baby bank, dole queue should be buzzing with how to get on the voter’s roll, where to source ID, how to increase support for independence and what we will do when we own our destiny.

We each have the right to demand to be heard ; our individual views and plans for our country’s future are valid, worthwhile and we all must listen to each other.